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Genekam has developed novel corona virus 2020 (Wuhan strain specific) kits and potential therapeutic molecules.

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    Plasma therapy accelerator (SARS-Hunter): a new solution for better antibody therapy for all coronavirus patients.

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Name of ready to use
Storage DOC Amount Price*
SB0071Genekam DNA isolation kit (store at room temperature) 250 250 reactions99,-€

Genekam DNA isolation kit (DNA isolation cost as little as 10 cents: perhaps the cheapest isolation kit of the world): It can be used to isolate the DNA from blood samples, bacterial colonies, plasmids, blood stained cloths, blood stained wood, seminal fluid, sperms as well as also buccal swab for human, animals and birds. It can be used with the tissue also. This can be used with mouse tail or ear tips also for mouse genotyping . There are many pathological samples, where wax may create problem. We think that pathological laboratories should try our this method (remove the wax with Xylene and put a small piece of tissue in our kit to get isolated DNA. Please note that this kit is made in our own laboratory.

Blood samples on filter paper or normal paper: One can put one or two drops of blood on normal paper or filter paper. After that one can dry this and inactivate this with ethanol. Now these samples can be sent in an envelope throughout the world. Genekam DNA isolation kit can be used to isolate the DNA from such blood samples. These samples can be stored at room temperature for months or perhaps for years. As you need only 15-30 seconds to isolate the DNA from one sample i.e. one can isolate 100 samples within one hours, therefore this can be the method of choice for many laboratories and one can save the expensive automatic instruments. This method is being used in our laboratory for last 13 years to do the PCR analysis. In case one wants to store the sample. One can divide the paper in two parts. One part can be processed and other part can be stored for long-time. Many laboratories around the world are using it now.


One should try to use our DNA isolation kit with other probes like buccal swabs, tissue, bacterial colonies as this should also function. Many bacteriological laboratories are using dirty DNA method like boiling of samples in order to save the costs. Kindly try our kit as cost per isolation is 10 cent per isolation and DNA is sufficient pure to be used in PCR.

Those, who want to have experience with our kit, kindly try smallest kit for your use. Our kit can make PCR technology affordable for many laboratories and this may help to reconfirm the results made with culture methods in common bacteriology along with helping blood banks to monitor many disorders.

1. Plasmid isolation kit: Simple and economical for small volume:

Isolation of plasmid is very important to develop many applications in molecular medicine. There are many ways, one grow the plasmid e.g. in liquid broth or on plate as colonies. Once the plasmid is there, there is need to detect the cells as colonies or liquid from broth, which carry the DNA modifications. Hence PCR is one of important steps. To conduct the PCR, one has to isolate the needed DNA from this material.
It can be done as follows:

A. DNA isolation from colonies of plate:
  1. If you have colonies, you can pick a part of colony (not complete colony!) with woodstick / back of stick of match box / a piece of paper / tip of pipette / with a loop and put in it lysis solution. Now proceed as follows.
  2. Add 100 ul of freshly prepared solution Z to 1.5 ml tube containing plasmid.
  3. Keep this tube at 88 ° C for 7 minutes in heating block.
  4. Remove the tube from heating block and add 100 ul of solution B to each tube. After adding solution B, you have to vortex the sample immediately for 5-10 seconds.
  5. Add 200 ul of solution C. The supernant contains DNA, which can be used immediately for PCR assay. You can centrifuge for 10-20 seconds or for 1-2 minutes if you have added some wood sticks or paper and take our the supernant to use in PCR reactions.
Tip: If you have problems or you need more DNA, you can keep the tubes for 4-10 hours to get more DNA.

B. DNA isolation from broth agar:
In this case, one can centrifuge the broth to have a pellet, where a part of pellet 5ul - 10 ul can be used to isolate the DNA or you can add 50 ul-100 ul (this may vary because of bacterial growth in broth) of broth directly as sample and proceed with step 2 to 5. it is highly recommended that user should make some experience with this kit before conducting real experiments.

2. To isolate the large amount of DNA: One has to calculate the requirement of chemicals and at the end, user can centrifuge it to get the supernant containing DNA. If you are trying to generate large amount of DNA, it is highly recommended that one should keep the tube overnight at 4 C to get more DNA. At end of this user has supernant containing the DNA. One can centrifuge it for 20-30 seconds and supernant can be taken, where the DNA is there to conduct more experiences.