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NoMore Mycoplasma solution (Sterile) (sufficient to make 200 ml cell culture media)

Name of ready to use
Storage DOC Amount Price*
STEM23NoMore Mycoplasma solution (Sterile) (sufficient to make 200 ml cell culture media) 2040,-€
This solution is 100X, hence it can be diluted with your media 1: 100 (1 Part of No More Mycoplasma solution + 99 Part sof your cell culture media e.g. user needs 10 ml of Media (100 ul of Genekam No More Media to 9.9 ml of cell culture Media). The concentration can be increased depending upon the degree of Mycoplasma infection e.g. 50X i.e. 200 ul of No More Mycoplasma solution in 9.8 ml cell culture media to generate 10 ml of cell culture media. The working solution of cell culture may be stored for 2-4 weeks, but it is better to make it fresh.

Mycoplasma are common problem of cell cultures. There are different types of mycoplasmas, which may infect cell cultures e.g. in case you are generating a cell line from mouse, Mycoplasma may be of mouse origin. It may come from human beings, which are interacting with the cell cultures e.g. Mycoplasma pneumoniae. They may come from serum being used e.g. fetal calf serum e.g. Mycoplasma bovis. The common infecting agents in cell cultures are M. arginini, M. frementans, M. hominis, M. hyorhinis, M. orale and Acholeplasma laidlawii. Penicillin group does not remove mycoplasma infection. The biggest problem with mycoplasma contamination is that they are aerosol transmission i.e. they are in air. In order to treat the infected cell lines, these guidelines should be followed:

1. Clean the working area with disinfectant and UV light.

2. To treat the infected cell cultures: a part of infected cell cultures should be freezed and other part of this should be treated as during the treatment, it may be possible that one can lose the cell cultures. If user has frozen the cell culture, it can be thawed in case that treatement was not successful.

The treatment should be done for the period of 14 days or the duration of treatment can be reduced depending on the severity of infection.During the treatment, one should observe the cell cultures. Please take precautions during working as one is working with live pathogens.

NoMore Mycoplasma solution contains substances, which are very effective active against a large number of mycoplasma strains.