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Osteogenic differentiation media (10X)

Name of ready to use
Storage DOC Amount Price*
STEM05Osteogenic differentiation media (10X) -20°C 10ml100,-€

Genekam osteogenic differentition media (Sterile Product)*

Kit contents: STEM05 Genekam osteogenic differentition media (10X) 10ml (store it at -20°C)
Prepare the media while adding 10 ml of Genekam osteogenic differentiationmedia into 90ml of DMEM containing 10 % FCS + 1% SP + 1% Glutamine or in your culturing media. Store it at 4°C. You can prepare less media, but the ratio should be 1:10.

After you have stem cells e.g. MSC. To isolate MSC cells, one can use Genekam Stem cell isolator kit. After you get 60-85% confluence during culturing of stem cells, please remove the cell using trypsin or Genekam cell remover. and wash the cells to make free from trypsin while Centifuging 1400 rmp for 5 minutes and suspend the pellet now to make the cell count using trypan blue.
Now add the cells 3-5 x 103 / cm2 on a plate e.g. 9 or 12 wells in osteogenic differentiation media (containing DMEM + 10 % FCS or other serum source + Genekam osteogenicc differentiation media) for two weeks while feeding the cells 3-5 days with this media for 3 weeks.
After two weeks, you can stain with cells with Alizarin Red S to see the bone formation.

* only for research use.