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Latest News:

Genekam has developed
ultrasensitive Magnetic beads ELISA for SARS CoV-2

Latest News:

Genekam has developed novel corona virus 2020 (Wuhan strain specific) kits and potential therapeutic molecules.

  • ++BREAKING NEWS (26.05.2020)++

    Plasma therapy accelerator (SARS-Hunter): a new solution for better antibody therapy for all coronavirus patients.

  • MEDICA 2021

    Visit us at MEDICA in Duesseldorf, Germany:
    15.11. - 18.11.21

Enzyme linked immunospot ( ELISA )

It is possible to obtain an immune response from T cells against the invading pathogens as these cells start secreting some enzymes (cytokines) like interferon gamma, if they are stimulated with a pathogen specific antigen or cocktail of antigens. The released cytokines can be measured in the form of spots on paper. These spots are generated from cells producing these cytokines. As the number of such spots or colonies can be counted, hence it is possible to generate quantitative data. This data can be compared between the different samples and different stages of disease. This method has been applied to detect acute and chronic stages (latent form) caused through different pathogens like Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Borrelia burgdorferi, Chlamydia trachomatis etc), Genekam is in the process of developing such tests for different pathogens, therefore we have decided to offer at present different components as there are many laboratories, which have developed in house methods and they may need only some components to run their assays. Genekam is developing such ready to use assays, once they will be ready, they will be offered as complete solutions.