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Circulating Tumour Cells*

Isolation of circulating tumour cell kit with two markers and PCR Kit for Biomarkers of Melanoma from CTC

zirkulierende_tumorzellen Human circulating tumour cells (CTC) in blood are an important indicator of the progression of a cancer and in some cases, these may be an indication of so called sleeping tumour cells i.e. it does mean that there is an active disease. Therefore PCR tests are being conducted in many laboratories around the world for presence of markers of such blood cells. As the number of such cell is very low, therefore there is a need of enrichment of these cells before doing RNA isolation. Genekam Biotechnology AG has developed this enrichment step and this can be combined with mini-column method or other method. Genekam offers this enrichment step as sterilised product because some users may want to grow enriched cells in order to do other studies including nucleic cells isolation e.g. tumour resistance (if possible!), but that one can go directly to RNA isolation step after enrichment even under unsterilised environment in order to run the tumour marker PCRassay. There is only 1 circulating tumour cell in one million of mononuclear cells, therefore enrichment is very important step during the conducting PCR for human cancer markers from blood. Peripheral blood is one of easiest way to access against the biopsy of lymphnodes or bone marrow, hence it is an excellent idea, if one can develop more and more assays based on CTC.

Important feature of enrichment step is that one can do the isolation of circulating tumour cells directly from blood 1ml or 3ml and there is no need of using density gradient method.

Genekam CTC Enrichment kit is very simple to use: There are only 3 steps:

  1. isolation of all cells from 1 or 2 ml of blood to develop a pellet
  2. adding of the beads to this pellet
  3. Isolation of specific cells - now you can use them for mini-column isolation or your in-house nucleic acid isolation


Cat.-No. Name Amount Price
STEM21 Genekam circulating tumour cells (CTC) enrichment kit 15 139,- €
STEM22 Genekam circulating tumour cells (CTC) enrichment kit 30 249,- €

This product can be used only with human blood.

We are developing isolation of circulating tumour cell with two different markers as one marker is not sufficient. In coming days, we are going to put a number of pictures of this method on our website along with the cells grown in cell cultures to conduct further studies.

Cat.-No. Name Amount Price
K418 PCR kit for Melanoma Biomarker (Tyrosinase) 100 699,- €

Other Biomarkers like MART, MAGE and others are under development. The results can be seen on the gel agarose. It means that this method can be used under the field conditions, where one has access to conventional PCR machine, which is available as cheap as US $ 700 dollar.

This product is developed and validated with human melanoma samples.

Human Tumour marker for Breast cancer (Gel agarose based PCR):

Genekam has developed ready to use PCR kit for detection of cancer stem cell and epithelial-mesenchymal transition markers for breast cancer along with other markers like IL-8, CK19: Circulating tumors cells (CTC) are one of target for monitoring and therapy from blood samples. CTC express different markers like Mammaglobin and CK19. Now there is a lot of research going in the field of cancer stem cells. Therefore we have developed a number of markers for breast cancer. Genekam has also developed EpCAM CTC isolation kit. We are working on new isolation of CTC kit to improve the CTC isolation in order to improve the performance of the kit. Usually biospies are standard method in breast cancer for detection of tumour. Biopsies are painful methods. But there is no way or method to find whether the cancer cells are underway in the whole body, therefore blood samples offer an unique oppurtunity to detect the tumour cells. These methods are very important to detect them to find whether cancer cells are in blood before or after the therapy. In some cases, there may be occult CTC, which get active on some stimuli to cause the full blown disease. Genekam has developed the following markers as the form of kit. The kit contains positive, negative, mastermix, generuler, primers etc. and it needs isolated RNA to do conduct the assays. Genekam EpCAM isolation kit is available too, please check our website

Ready to use PCR kits (gel agarose)

Cat.-No. Name Amount Price
K858 Human EpCAM 100 499,- €
K859 Human IL-8 100 499,- €
K860 Human CK19 (Cytokeratin 19) 100 499,- €
K861 Human ALDH (Aldehyde Dehydrogenase) 100 499,- €
K862 Human CD44 100 499,- €
K863 Human CD133 100 499,- €
K864 Human Vimentin 100 499,- €
K865 Human HER2 100 499,- €
K866 Human CD31 100 499,- €
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* for research use only