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Genekam developed PCR kits for Candida auris.

Latest News:

Genekam registered with EUDAMED - A step towards meeting the latest IVDR requirements!

  • ++BREAKING NEWS (26.05.2020)++

    Plasma therapy accelerator (SARS-Hunter): a new solution for better antibody therapy for all coronavirus patients.

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    Visit us on Medica, Duesseldorf. 13.-16. November 2023

Magnetic Applications*

Genekam Biotechnology AG has started developing different magnetic beads applications for cellculture, RNA / DNA isolation, protein isolations, transfection etc. We are developing our hardware solutions e.g. magnetic separators. Some of the pictures of these magnetic separators are already posted on twitter and facebook. The magnetic beads solutions can be next generation applications to work in automatic machine. Those, who are thinking to use magnetic applications, must keep in mind that magnets in Laboratory need precautions also as many companies are selling magnetic separator without any warning on them e.g. if you will touch the magnetic separator with mobile tablet or telephone, LCD may be destroyed and this can happen during taking the photo of such separators, if you are too close to magnet field with your device. Magnetic separators may interfere with the work of other instruments. Therefore it is better to make a special area in the laboratory, where one can work with magnetic separators and particles. We are working to develop special virus isolation kits for our PCR kits or other molecular detection. Here are common isolation kit.

magnetic beats RNA isolution genekammagnetic beats RNA isolution genekamMagnetic rna isolation rackMagnetic rna isolation rack
Name of ready to use
SB0101Genekam RNA magnetic isolation kit 100149,-€
SB0100Genekam DNA magnetic isolation kit 10099,-€
2 Kits, Last modified: 2023-07-31 16:38:41 net prices

These can be used to isolate the DNA or RNA from the different sources like tissue, buccal swabs, plasma and blood. Shortly we are introducing the kits for plant DNA/RNA isolation.

Name of ready to use
SB0123Genekam Human T-Cell Isolation kit: Magnetic separator, Isolation chemicals 5 isolations 1599,-€
1 Kits, Last modified: 2023-07-31 16:38:41 net prices

This can be used on blood, bone marrow and other fluid samples

This can be used on blood, bone marrow and other fluid samples.

Magnetic cell separation

Magnetic cell separation from blood: In blood, there are many cells, which can be isolated to conduct various experiments like developing new kinds of assays and cell therapies. Separation of cells can be also done through magnetic field. This method is quite simple and can be conducted in laboratories without the help of complex and expensive instruments. Therefore Genekam Biotechnology AG has developed a number of solutions to do. These are different markers being expressed on the cells, which can be used as source of isolation in order to get pure population. After the isolation, one should do various experiments like microscopic and flowcytometry examination to be sure that the quality of cells is sufficient good to go ahead with further work. The offered solutions are sterile, hence isolated cells under sterile conditions can be used for cell cultures. These isolated cells can be used for molecular and immunological analysis. This kit can be used to isolate cells from as little as 1 ml of blood.

Isolation kit includes: magnetic beads, Fc-Receptor blocker, enrichment solution of white blood cells
The kit contains also components for enrichment of white blood cells, hence one can save time and money for density gradient method. However one can also use density gradient method, if it is essential to isolate the cells.

Optional (to be bought separately): Mac Buffer, magnetic separator


  1. Enrichment of white blood cells
  2. Magnetic separation of cells
  3. Washing and collection
All kits are sterile products. If the user will work under sterile conditions, there will be isolated cells as sterile product to be used for cell culture and future applications.

Cat.-No. Name Isolations Price
STEM23 Magnetic separation of CD4 positive cells (usually Human T-cells) 10 149,- €
STEM24 Magnetic separation of CD3 positive cells (usually Human T-cells) 10 149,- €
STEM25 Magnetic separation of CD20 positive cells (usually Human B-cells) 10 149,- €
STEM26 Magnetic separation of CD19 positive cells (usually Human B-cells) 10 149,- €
STEM27 Magnetic separation of CD8 positive cells (usually Human B-cells) 10 149,- €
STEM28 Magnetic separation of CD25 positive cells (usually Human T-cells) 10 169,- €
6 Kits, Last modified: 2016-09-28 13:01:00 net prices

This kit is for magnetic bead separation of dead and live cells under laboratory conditions. The method is very simple. Add Genekam magnetic beads to your cells, wait for 10-20 minutes and separate the cells with magnetic field. Genekam beads with attach to apoptotic cells. The product is sterile. After that user can process the cells for further applications. This product can be used on different kinds of cells including stem cells and sperms.

Name of ready to use
SB029Apoptotic cell isolation kit (Annexin V based; Sterile) 10150,-€
1 Kits, Last modified: 2023-07-31 16:38:41 net prices

These products are developed and manufactured by Genekam Biotechnology AG in Germany.
* All prices are ex-factory, Duisburg, Germany and the products are only for research use