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Genekam has developed novel corona virus 2020 (Wuhan strain specific) kits and potential therapeutic molecules.

Latest News:

3D Genomemedicine Inc is going to operate in USA

  • ++BREAKING NEWS (26.05.2020)++

    Plasma therapy accelerator (SARS-Hunter): a new solution for better antibody therapy for all coronavirus patients.

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Human T-cell isolators (CD4, CD8 and CD3 positive)

Genekam has developed ready to use isolation kits for human T-cells depending on the markers like CD4 / CD 8 as well as CD3. These are magnetic beads based kits and one can isolate these cells from blood samples starting 200 ul onwards. Surely this kit can be used on other samples like bone marrow biospies, cell cultures etc. The ready to use full kit includes: Mononuclear cells isolator, Magnetic beads, Washing and diluting buffer etc. This is a sterile kit. Once the user will isolate the cells, they can be used for cell cultures (CAR T-cell development) along with other applications e.g. molecular analysis through RNA / DNA isolation, immunological analysis through microscope, flow cytometry, spectrometry and also for next generation genesequencing. Isolated cells can be used to generate CAR T-cell therapies to conduct the research work like master, doctorate as well as post doctorate work. The kit is inexpensive against the costs and it can lead to reduce the costs of doing research in the field of immunology. This kit can be combined with your own house methods like isolated MNC through density gradient method to isolate the specific T cells. There are many companies or start ups working on T-cells, they should try Genekam kit as it will give them better results (largest number of T-cells!) and reduction in the development and production costs along with cutting the time needed to do all these. We used these methods to isolate T-cells in our laboratory. These kits can used to isolate the T-cells from cells cultures also.

Do not waste money to buy machines to isolate the T-cells for small work as one can do this work faster manually!

Once again: these kits are sterile and ready to use products:

Genekam Human T-cell (CD4 positive) isolator 10 reactions SB149 Euro 219,-

Genekam Human T-cell (CD8 positive isolator 10 reactions SB150 Euro 219,-

Genekam Human T-cell (CD3 positive) isolator 10 reactions SB151 Euro 219,-

Contents of the above said kits: MNC isolation kit, Magnetic beads to isolate T cells, Washing and diluting buffer, Blocking buffer (Sterile). If you want to use cells for analysis purposes, there is no need of any sterile conditions. One can work in normal PCR hood to isolate the cells to conduct the further molecular analysis.

Time needed for 10 isolation is 25 to 35 minutes against the laboratories are using cumbersome methods with density gradient, which give low output and waste a lot of time. One can buy the magnetic racks extra with the kit. Genekam kit can isolate T-cells from 100000 MNC cells also i.e. it needs less number of MNC for isolation, in this way user can conduct more experiments.

These kits can be used to train the students or staff how to isolate the T-cells quickly with a simple method. Even poorest countries in world can source these kits to train their students to conduct research of future.

2. Magnetic beads to transfect the cells with your plasmid DNA. We are going to provide you these options to develop the genetherapy very shortly. Please wait for this. We are working with some researchers, who are have developed here some good vectors.

3. If you need some specific marker for CAR T-cell therapies or for T-cell isolation, please let us know.