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Latest News:

Genekam has developed
ultrasensitive Magnetic beads ELISA for SARS CoV-2

Latest News:

Genekam has developed novel corona virus 2020 (Wuhan strain specific) kits and potential therapeutic molecules.

  • ++BREAKING NEWS (26.05.2020)++

    Plasma therapy accelerator (SARS-Hunter): a new solution for better antibody therapy for all coronavirus patients.

  • MEDICA 2021

    Visit us at MEDICA in Duesseldorf, Germany:
    15.11. - 18.11.21

Some of comments about our products:

In 2005 during the outbreak H5N1: One of our distributors in Europe said: Minister came and thanks for saving the Govt from big disaster. (Genekam Kit had shown that it is not H5N1 outbreak. The result was later confirmed through two reference laboratories. This country used Fluhuntter: H5 PCR Kit)

In 2014 : One of distributors in Middle East told us that one of highest member of rulers of the country thanks him for supporting to combat against Middle East Syndrome Virus (MERS).

In 2015: One Team in a German medical university in Germany told us that they got excellent curves as well as results with Genekam Rabies realtime kit and other kits. They tried other kits from biggest suppliers, which failed to give results even.