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Positive control for PCR (DNA or cDNA)*

Positive controls for different pathogens like Influenza A, H5N1, H7N2, H1N1, H9, H3N1, H2N2, Brucella, Leptospira, etc.

Name of ready to use
D0003DNA positive control for Borrelia burgdorferiCE 100140,-€
D0004Toxoplasma gondii ask120,-€
D0005Mycoplasma gallisepticum ask120,-€
D0007DNA positive control for LeptospiraCE 100120,-€
D0008Helicobacter pylori ask120,-€
D0009MRSA ask120,-€
D0010Coxiella burnetii ask120,-€
D0011Tick borne Encephalitis (TBE) virus (only RNA) ask159,-€
D0012Rotavirus (only RNA) ask159,-€
D0013Taylorella equigenitalis ask159,-€
D0015Chlamydia trachomatis ask120,-€
D0016Brucella melitensis ask120,-€
D0017Brucella abortus ask120,-€
D0018Cytomegalovirus ask120,-€
D0019Acholeplasma laidlawii ask120,-€
D0020DNA positive control for Ureaplasma urealyticumCE 100120,-€
D0021Candida albicans ask120,-€
D0022Bordetella pertussis ask120,-€
D0023Borrelia garinii ask120,-€
D0024Borrelia afzelii ask120,-€
D0025Campylobacter fetus ask120,-€
D0026Campylobacter jejuni ask120,-€
D0027Epstein-Barr Virus ask120,-€
D0028Legionella pneumoniae Serotype 1,2,3,4,5,6 ask120,-€
D0029Measles virus (only RNA) ask120,-€
D0030Shigella (Shigella dysenteriae) ask120,-€
D0031Rotavirus askask
D0032Human adenovirus askask
D0034Chlamydia pneumoniae ask160,-€
D0035DNA positive control for Mycoplasma genitaliumCE 100120,-€
D0036Mycoplasma felis askask
D0037DNA positive control for Mycoplasma hominisCE 100120,-€
D0038Mycoplasma hypopneumoniae askask
D0039Mycoplasma iowae askask
D0040Mycoplasma meleagridis askask
D0041Mycoplasma mycoidis askask
D0042Mycoplasma pneumoniae - positive PCR controlCE 100120,-€
D0043Mycoplasma synoviae askask
D0044Influenza Virus H1 (cDNA) askask
D0045Influenza Virus H3 (cDNA) askask
D0046cDNA positive control for Influenza H5CE 100120,-€
D0047Influenza Virus H7 (cDNA) askask
D0048Influenza Virus H9 (cDNA) askask
D0049Influenza A (cDNA) askask
D0050Influenza B (cDNA) askask
D0051Parainfluenza (Human) (cDNA) askask
D0067Varicella Zoster virus askask
D0068Neisseria gonorrhoeae ask120,-€
D0069H1N1 of recent outbreak (cDNA) askask
D0070Enterovirus ask180,-€
D0071Influenza A Virus askask
D0072Influenza B Virus askask
D0073Herpes simplex virus 1 & 2 ask180,-€
D0074Rubella askask
D0075Mumps askask
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We have decided to offer the positive controls. Our positive controls contain the isolated DNA of microorganism i.e. these are purified DNA. This is only for PCR purpose. We have not really quantified the amount of DNA in the controls ( it might be more or less 100 ul solution for DNA and 60 ul for RNA), but it will be sufficient to be used as positive control for PCR method.

* only for research use.