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Latest News:

Genekam has developed
ultrasensitive Magnetic beads ELISA for SARS CoV-2

Latest News:

Genekam has developed novel corona virus 2020 (Wuhan strain specific) kits and potential therapeutic molecules.

  • ++BREAKING NEWS (26.05.2020)++

    Plasma therapy accelerator (SARS-Hunter): a new solution for better antibody therapy for all coronavirus patients.

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Press release

Genekam Bird flu DNA-Test (H5N1, H9)

First worldwide commercial DNA Test for H5N1 and H9 to detect avian influenza virus

Duisburg, December 7th, 2005

With help of modern technology, German’s molecular medicine company Genekam did a good job on developing a most reliable and accurate DNA-based test that is able to detect the avian influenza virus H5N1 along with the not less dangerous H9 virus in a very short time. This DNA test is not only reliable and most accurate. It can be performed under field conditions. Till today such tests were not available on the market.

Already again, newspapers said early this week, that a 9 year old boy laid up with an avian influenza infection for the first time in China. Chinese’s government did not yet confirm whether it is the dangerous virus known as bird flu. The only reason is that the authorities used tests based on antibodies called serological or rapid-test. But all these serological tests are inaccurate and may lead to cross reactions, hence may give false positive and leading to false alarms. The verification of this case is usually done through a special laboratory, which needs many days to confirm the results i.e. a waste of precious time that would have better been used for preventive measures. Genekam gives latest technological weapon i.e. DNA test to fight the bird flu virus under field conditions.

With Genekam’s latest developed test the result is available within seven hours, which are most precise and accurate. Moreover this DNA-test is not only available for special labs but may also be performed by the smallest laboratories throughout the world for a reasonable price. The recognition of the avian influenza virus in China would have been possible in an earlier stage using Genekam’s bird flu test. Similarly such false alarm raised through Greece would have been avoided, if the Greece laboratories would have used the Genekam DNA tests. Moreover public panic can be avoid through only most accurate tests rather using unreliable serological tests, which can cause of a lot of economical losses through panic.

This particular test is based on the PCR-method (polymerase chain reaction). It can be used to detect a latent and symptom less infection (e.g. migratory birds) in human as well as animals, so preventive measures can be ordered immediately. The serological or rapid tests are not able to detect such symptom less carries. Earlier detection can be also only through DNA test. Earlier you detect the case, earlier , one can start with the preventive measurement.

Everybody can take the services for testing of bird flu of Genekam regardless where he is located on this planet. Moreover there are many international companies having their employees as well as foreign diplomat working in bird flu endangered areas. Many international companies have bought a lot of antiviral drugs to use them for their employees in these areas as this is not a good idea because you have to give the antiviral medicine to the suffering persons, hence therefore DNA testing of employees is a must before using these antiviral drugs. In case the DNA test says that a person is positive for bird flu, then you can start with antiviral therapy. It is very easy to get this test done as Genekam needs only 0.5 ml of blood and it can be posted through currier easily. Similarly people travelling the bird flu endangered areas can get themselves checked through the Genekam DNA tests. At the same time Companies importing poultry meat, fast-food as well as food superstores should regularly get their poultry meat checked for bird flu, just by sending one gram of meat to Genekam laboratory. The cost per test is only Euro 49,- (in case of positive samples, it will be Euro 129 because one needs gene sequencing to give the final results).

We think that Genekam DNA tests will help a lot people in many countries, which are searching for reliable and accurate DNA tests to run the preventive measurements. We hope that they will be able to replace old and not reliable serological tests like car has replaced the bicycle to cover the distance. Genekam Biotechnology AG, developing and distributing about 120 DNA tests so far, is at present engaged in researching to develop a test for detecting the virus H7. With Genekam’s latest DNA-test the avian influenza virus can be verified successfully. It is a milestone in the history of molecular medicine. as prevention is the best medicine.