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Latest News:

Genekam developed real time PCR kit for detection of monkeypox virus: accurate, specific und sensitive.

Latest News:

Genekam has developed
ultrasensitive Magnetic beads ELISA for SARS CoV-2

  • ++BREAKING NEWS (26.05.2020)++

    Plasma therapy accelerator (SARS-Hunter): a new solution for better antibody therapy for all coronavirus patients.

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    Calibrescientific, Inc. is a distributor of Genekam products.

Press release

Genekam Koi Herpes Virus (KHV) DNA-Test

Koi herpes virus (KHV), a viral disease highly contagious to fish, may cause significant morbidity and mortality in common carp. This species is raised as a food fish in many countries and has been selectively bred for the ornamental fish industry, where it is known as Koi.

Historically, the first outbreak of KHV was reported in 1998 and confirmed in 1999 in Israel. Since then, other cases have been confirmed in the United States, Europe and Asia. KHV is currently classified as a DNA-virus belonging to the virus family Herpes viridae. As with other herpes viral infections, KHV is believed to remain in the infected fish for life, thus exposed or recovered fish should be considered as potential carriers of the virus. KHV disease may cause 80–100% mortality in affected populations, and fish seem most susceptible at water temperatures of 72–81°F (22–27°C). This viral disease affects fish of various ages, but cohabitation studies show that fry have a greater susceptibility than mature fish.

Having dealt with the misery that KHV can cause to hobbyists for many years we are sure that most Koi-keepers accept no dealer knowingly sells infected Koi. KHV is uncontrollable and no individual or company can be held responsible for the disease itself. However dealers are responsible for is the manner in which they deal with the public when they are suspected or confirmed as selling virally infected Koi. The hobbyist considers that the truth from any organisation or individual with whom they trade when livestock are lost is theirs by right and in our experience hobbyists continue to support the dealers who are honest about KHV and who offer them their cooperation and sympathy in the aftermath of an outbreak. However, just to be sure, try out the test to avoid any risks.

Genekam DNA Test is in position to identify this virus at the earliest stage. The DNA Test can be performed very easiliy, as one need to send swabs from the gill. Such swabs can be taken from anybody. Because of this, it is very easy to send the samples from the whole world to our laboratory as the cotton swabs can be put in one envelope or other organs like kidney, brain, nervous tissue can be send to Genekam. Genekam recommends getting the fishes tested before importing or buying and one should get at least once a year one or two samples tested from the symptomless fishes as there may be some symptomless carriers. A carrier is a fish which does not show the symptoms of the disease but carries the virus and speads to other fishes, causing the highest mortalities.

Genekam introduced a wide variety of DNA-based tests for small and large animals. Previously, the identification of many pathogens had been a lengthy and an expensive process, but Genekam’s technology allowed such testing to become easily available and cost effective. Its unmatched accuracy and sensitivity makes PCR-based testing an essential diagnostic tool in modern veterinary medicine. DNA diagnostics is a fast evolving field and to keep up with the pace, Genekam strives to continually bring new DNA tests to the market.