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Genekam has developed novel corona virus 2020 (Wuhan strain specific) kits and potential therapeutic molecules.

Latest News:

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  • ++BREAKING NEWS (20.01.2020)++

    Genekam has developed novel corona virus 2020 (Wuhan strain specific) kits and potential therapeutic molecules.

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Zika Virus - Single Check

Name of ready to use
Storage DOC Amount Price*
FR325Zika Virus - Single CheckCE -20°C 100599,-€
zika virus

Zika virus is a mosquito borne flavivirus. This RNA virus was discovered long ago (1948) in Africa. It is transmitted through mosquitoes Aedes. This virus is now infecting the population in American countries like Mexico, Brazil, Colombia etc. The tourist visiting these infected countries can be the carriers of this virus to the countries like Germany, Holland, Sweden, Norway, which are free from the virus at present. The disease starts with the symptoms like fever, joint pains, vomiting, diarrhoea, red rashes around the eyes etc. There are a few diagnostic tools available at present, Genekam Biotechnology AG has developed the ready to use PCR kit to detect this virus in mosquitoes and samples of human beings. PCR technology has one advantage of being highly sensitive and specific for this virus. Prevention is only possibility to control this virus at present as there is no treatment and no vaccine available. Supportive treatment is only hope to reduce severity of symptoms!

Contents of the kit: Master mix, primer, probe, positive control, negative control, RNA enzymes

Specificity of the kit: tested with related viruses like dengue, yellow fever, westnile virus, JEV, TBEV, other athropod borne flaviviruses etc and non related targets: it is negative as it does not react with them (the kit is highyl specific)


Main Features of Zika Virus - Single Check - FR325 Kit

TechnologyReal Time PCR
MachineReal Time PCR Machine
Target level of Health SystemTrained Laboratory Person
TargetSingle check (Zika virus)
SamplesPlasma/ Serum, Blood,(Other Samples, Urine under investigation)
Detection limit6.53 genome equivalent
Specificity in silico PCR100%
(Detected only Zika Virus strain); No cross reaction
Analytical Specificity wet99.9%
No crossreaction with related, nonrelated, reproduction tract infecting and blood transfusion pathogens
HandlingSimple and easy to use kit
Intended useHuman samples including pregnant women and babies
-Blood bank
Developer and manufacturerGenekam Biotechnology AG

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zika virus realtime pcr-kitzika pcr-kit
Zika Virus - Single CheckZika Virus - Single Check