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Genekam developed real time PCR kit for detection of monkeypox virus: accurate, specific und sensitive.

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Genekam has developed
ultrasensitive Magnetic beads ELISA for SARS CoV-2

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    Plasma therapy accelerator (SARS-Hunter): a new solution for better antibody therapy for all coronavirus patients.

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Zika Virus & Dengue Virus & Chikungunya Virus

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FR342Zika Virus & Dengue Virus & Chikungunya Virus -20°C 100call

4in1 kit: Genekam has developed a new test (4in1) to differentiate between Zika, Dengue (1-2, 3-4) and Chikungunya in one step. Such assays can be helpful to screen the donors for blood banks as the blood transfusion is one of source of infection, hence it is important to trace the such donors or blood samples, which may be positive to above said viruses. Other applications of such tests are screening of organs, cell cultures and semen donors etc. 4in1 kit can be one of important monitoring tool for mosquito borne pathogens in different clinical and non-clinical settings. Serological tests are of little use as mentioned already. Zika virus is known to cause congenital infections leading to microcephaly, which may cause of number of issues during the whole life of an indivual. Such assays can be used to screen the people in prone areas to know which virus is prevalent as it is same vector Aedes aegypti or A. albopictus, which carry all these viruses. Genekam Test is multiplex assay. Please note that there is technological disadvantage of multiplexing as some time, it is is less sensitive against simplex (if you are running each test as single test). This Genekam assay offer quick screening of samples as it will save money and time. Moreover such tests may be a great help for screening the samples from pregnant women to find whether they are positive or negative. Not only this, this test will indicate the load the viruses also. This test kit contain all components needed to run the assay. User needs to add RNA of the samples into the components and put in the realtime machine and the results can be ready within 2 hours. On one 96 well plate, one can run around 90 samples i.e. one can 90 samples tested within 2 hours.

Samples: blood (even one drop of blood), urine, plasma, serum, nervous tissue, fetal samples and mosquitoes

Contents of the kit: RNA master mix, primers and probes, negative and positive control

Equipments: Realtime PCR machine with minimum 4 different dyes (multiplexing capacity minimum 4)

The important part of this kit is that it differentiates between different Dengue genotypes (1-2 and 3-4) and it can be very important feature as Dengue 2 is known to cause more fatal outcome of the disease.

4in1 kit is being tested with different cross reaction panel e.g. Plasmodium, Westnile virus, JEV, HSV1 and 2, Yellow fever, HCV, HIV, HBV, CMV, Toxoplasma, Influenza, Treponema and so on. They should be negative.

This kit functions excellent as it is highly specific, sensitive and accurate. This kit has been tested with Zika virus reference strain along with strains of Dengue viruses and Chikungunya viruses. This kit detects all these strains. Virtual analysis of primers and probes show that they are highly specific for their targets and does not cross reaction with any pathogens or part of human body.

Status: Research use only