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Genekam filed EU antitrust complaint against Twitter

Latest News:

Genekam has developed
ultrasensitive Magnetic beads ELISA for SARS CoV-2

  • ++BREAKING NEWS (26.05.2020)++

    Plasma therapy accelerator (SARS-Hunter): a new solution for better antibody therapy for all coronavirus patients.

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    Calibrescientific, Inc. is a distributor of Genekam products.

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GenekamReport : An App for PCR community

GenekamReport AppGenekamReport App

GenekamReport is an App to document and store the results of PCR (polymerase chain reactions) experiments in your mobile Phone or tablet PC. If you are a PCR user, you will love to have such an app in order to document your results along with photos and procedure. One can document the methodology as well as procedure along with results e.g. negative or positive or Ct values as well as adding the genesequences of your results. All results can be sent to others with photos through email with one click. This App is so simple to use and one can edit the results later, if there is a mistake. It is also possible to search the results quickly. One of the biggest plus point is that all documents can be seen with date and time, when the experiment is conducted. These results are in your mobile telephone as well as tablet PC i.e. you can access them any time and anywhere in the world without accessing any website!

Genekam Report is available at googleplay for downloading for free at present. It is compatible with all mobile telephones and tablet PC using google operating system Android.

How to download it:

Application of GenekamReport: An example how to use GenekamReport with Genekam PCR kit for Influenza H5 e.g. K331A – Please run your kit according to manual: Now you can document the results of this kit as follows: Topics / Thema: PCR Experiment Genekam PCR kit 331 for Influenza virus H5 Description of experiment: 5 samples lane 5,6,7,8 and 9 from different patients (RNA isolated with Genekam Kit), one negative control, one positive control Results: sample lane 5 is positive for H5 Influenza virus and result negative Take a photo of the Gel – use the store button to store all information You can edit to add genesequence, if you have it or leave it empty!

The App will automatically give serial number, date and time.

This is one example. There are many more applications.