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Duissernstr. 65a · 47058 Duisburg · Germany
Tel. +49 203 / 555 858 -31 / 32 / 33 · Fax: +49 203 / 35 82 99
Latest News:

Genekam developed a powermolecule against SARS CoV-2 and other corona viruses for their prevention!

Latest News:

Genekam has developed
ultrasensitive Magnetic beads ELISA for SARS CoV-2

  • ++BREAKING NEWS (26.05.2020)++

    Plasma therapy accelerator (SARS-Hunter): a new solution for better antibody therapy for all coronavirus patients.

  • MEDICA 2022

    Visit us at MEDICA in Duesseldorf, Germany:
    November 2022

T-cell immunotherapy solution - car T-cell therapy

There are many laboratories developing CAR T-cell therapies. Genekam has a number of kits to develop CAR T-Cell therapy e.g. isolate large number of T cells (CD4 / CD8) from blood or other source. This isolation kit will generate larger number of needed T cells against number of cells generated through density gradient methods (also called Ficolle), Magnetic beads based Kits are for separation of wanted T cells from other unwanted cells. After that they can be stimulated or undergo the cloning with specific vectors carrying specific sequences. Genekam has developed a kit, which can remove the unwanted erythrocytes, which may be disturbing factors during the development. This can accelerate the development of CAR T-cells therapies against any possible target in field oncology, virology or transplantation medicine. These kits help to make therapies economically.