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!!! New Product !!!

Genekam Pathogen Prevention Kit


Genekam Pathogen Prevention Kit

Examples showing the applications of Genekam Pathogen Prevention kits e.g. one should disinfect the operation tables before operation as it will help to avoid the infections like airborne and surface borne including reduction in the post-operation infection risks.

Genekam Pathogen Prevention Kit (Profi)

2. It shows the application of Genekam Pathogen Prevention kits to prevent the infection in Aeroplanes, Ships, Buses, cars and trains. In this way, one can reduce the chances of spreading of new infections in areas, where a number of people are travelling together. Moreover it is price effective solution.

EBOLA Prevention Kit SARS Prevention Kit

A video showing how to apply Genekam Pathogen Prevention kit in molecular laboratory

1. Here are solutions to prevent the MERS virus:

1.1. Genekam Tab: This is in form of a tablet. One can dissolve it in tap water. It can be used as disinfectant in hospitals, laboratories, hotels, airlines, airports etc. This solution will be effective on surface, tables, chairs, floors and objects. This is effective against MERS, Ebola, Influenza virues like H5N1, H7N9, H1N1, HIV, HCV, HBV, Mycobacterium tuberculosis and many others. It can be also used to disinfectant the clothes of the persons working with patients of Ebola, MERS, Influenza. The solution will many times more potent than chlorine solution. The disinfectant can be sprayed. It is highly recommended to use this disinfectant once a day in hospitals and clinics. The objects of airports should be cleaned with this disinfectant. It is an environment friendly solutions and it is very economical. Selflife is 2 years.

Genekam Tab 5 tablets 20,-€

1.2. Genekam V-Solution: This is a solution in form of liquid, which can be used to treat water e.g. a few drops are needed to disinfect the water to convert in drinking water. This is also many times more potent chlorine solutions made of other salts. it will inactivate Legionella, Rotaviruses, Enteroviruses, HAV, Salmonella, Adenoviruses etc. This can be used to prepare drinking water in hospitals in order to avoid contamination. Selflife: 1 year

Genekam V-Solution 100 gm 10,-€
Genekam V-Solution 25 Kg ask

1.3. Genekam Anthrax-prevention kit 1: This is a combination of solutions. It is developed only to inactivate anthrax bacteria, toxins and spores as it is highly effective against the thick walled spores of Bacillus anthracis. It can be effective against other pathogens like Coxiella burnetii, Brucella, Influenza, MERS, Ebola, HCV etc. Shelflife: 1 year

Genekam Anthrax-prevention kit 1 call

1.4. Genekam Drug-Resistance-Prevention Kit: This is a solution, which can be used to disinfect and inactivate the surfaces, areas, tables, instruments, chairs, floors and other objects and it is effective against MERSA, drug resistance viruses like HBV, HIV and bacteria like Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Klebsiella, Enterobacter. The selflife is 1 year.

Genekam Drug-Resistance-Prevention kit call

1.5. Genekam MERS-Prevention kit 1: This is solution in form of tablet, which can be used to disinfect the hospitals, laboratories, clinics and houses in order to inactivate the Middle east Respiratory Syndrome virus MERS on different surfaces, objects, operation, patient transportation systems like Ambulance, instruments. This is many times more potent than chlorine based solutions. It can be used to disinfect the areas, which the patients occupies during treatment. This kit is one economical area. This can be used to decontaminate the area from MERS fatalities. Similarly it can be used to inactivate the infected area through MERS infected animals. During the working with MERS-patients, one can rinse the gloves in this solution. Mobiel telephone and parts of hospitals can be disinfected. This kit should be part and parcel of every hospital. ambulance vans and laboratories in areas of MERS.

Genekam MERS-Prevention kit 1 40,-€