Corona Virus 2020 (WUHAN STRAIN)

Corona Virus 2020 (WUHAN STRAIN)*

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Fluhunter: SARS-CoV-2 (Realtime PCR-Kit) UDI-DI: 04262420430676 CE



FR476Novel Coronavirus 2020 (Wuhan strain) + other related Viruses (bat) (Multiplex) Realtime PCR

FR477Novel Coronavirus 2020 (Wuhan strain) + other related Viruses (bat) + MERS (Multiplex) Realtime PCR

FR478Bat Coronaviruses Realtime PCR

FR479Novel Coronavirus 2020 (Wuhan Strain specific) + Influenza A

K526Bat coronaviruses convetional PCR

FR799Identification of human ß-Actin ( Realtime )CE

K525Novel coronavrrus 2020 (Wuhan strain specific) conventional PCR 100599€
FR436Fluhunter Influenza A B and C multiplex

SB0079bRNA isolation kit (Mini column) 250 reactions

SB0079RNA isolation kit (Mini column) 100 reactions 100249€
FR500Fluhunter: Novel Coronavirus 2020 (Wuhan Strain specific) Double check Realtime PCR kit

FR700Fluhunter: Novel Coronavirus 2020 (Wuhan strain specific) Triple check Realtime PCR kit

FR483Fluhunter Coronavirus 2020 (Wuhan Strain) / HCoV N63 / OC43 and 229E

xxxSARS-Hunter (Plasma therapy accelerator)

FR484Fluhunter Influenza H1N1 (swine flu + outbreak 2009 strain) + HCoV N63 and OC43 and 229E

THER001Wuhan strain specific inhibition molecule (Sterile)

THER002Wuhan strain specific inhibition molecule (Sterile)

THER003Wuhan strain specific inhibition molecule (Sterile)


Our Realtime kits are compatible with all machines from ABI, Cepheid, Rotagene, Stratagene, Techne, Bio-Rad Chroma 4 and Bio-Rad CFX96, Analytik Jena qTOWER³, Bioneer, Ianlong Gentier 48, MIC. (Hint: All trade marks are properties of their owners)

All PCR Kits contain forwarder and backward primers, fluorogenic probe, positive control, negative control, polymerase, nucleotide and buffers (in case of RNA kit: it contains RNA to cDNA chemicals: reverse-transcriptase, ribonuclease inhibitor, dNTP etc.). User has to add your DNA or RNA template to them. The kits expire after 1 year, if they are stored at -20°C. All of our products are made in our laboratory in Germany. We can give you the certificate of German origin, as some countries may need this certificate.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

FAQ 1: Contents of ready to use real time PCR kit for Coronaviruses? Answer: Genekam Kit contains all components to run a real time PCR: mastermix, RNA mix, primer, probes, negative control and positive control. Internal control for RNA isolation is not included. It needs to be ordered extra. The kits can be used immediately on arrival.

FAQ 2: Which internal control can I order? Answer: As coronaviruses are RNA viruses, therefore one has to use RNA internal control. It is FR799. It detects the presence of RNA in isolated samples (indication of successful isolation).

FAQ 3: Do I need RNA isolation kit? Answer: yes, user needs RNA isolation kit. Genekam has RNA isolation kit based on mini column SB0079 or magnetic beads SB0101. However one can use RNA isolation kit from other manufacturers available on the market.

FAQ 4: Which gene do the PCR kits target? Answer: Genekam kits e.g. FR475 or FR500 double check or FR700 triple check are highly specific for Wuhan strain, but we donot release any information, which gene is the target as this is our technology. Please make sure that once Genekam Kit e.g. FR475 gives positive results. These must taken very very seriously.

FAQ 5: Which thermocycler can the user use with the kits? Answer: Genekam real time PCR kits can be used on various real time thermocyclers available on the market. Genekam provides only standard temperature in manual, hence user must have the knowledge how to do the software setting as many machine manufacturers give training how to use the machine and how to do about such settings. In the case of difficulty, one has to contact the machine manufacturer: how to do the software as there are somany machines available on the market as it is impossible to run the kits on all machines.

FAQ 6: Does Genekam tell them name of institutes using its products? Answer: Genekam does not usually release any information about names of institutes.

FAQ 7: Do Genekam kits need a special laboratory setup? Answer: Yes, one needs laboratory with a real time PCR machine. It may be mobile also!

FAQ 8: Do you primers and probes come from other world organisation? Answer: No, Genekam kits are its own technology detecting highly specific targets, which will give highly specific and sensitive results. No part of the kit is coming from any other world organisation.

FAQ 9: Do the present mutations effect the results through Genekam PCR kit FR475? Answer: No, Please see the followings: Following mutations shown in the table does not effect the results of following mutations, hence FR475 will give excellent results

FAQ 10: Press release (05.03.2021): Genekam Coronavirus PCR kit detects samples with different mutations like N501, E484 and N417N/T without loss of performance:

FAQ 11: What is the sensitivity of FR475 kit to detect SARS CoV-2 in unknown samples? Answer: Answer: Sensitivity of FR475 kit to detect SARS CoV-2 in unknown samples is 0.000003 pg/µl

Coronaviruses are getting mutated, hence there are different mutations like B117, P1 and B1.135. These mutations are causing that many PCR tests do not give the correct the results, hence it leads to false results. Therefore, many manufacturers around the world as well as FDA have given the warnings as approved kits do not give correct results. Genekam developed one of the first PCR for detection kit FR475 for SARS CoV-2 in Jan, 2020. This kit FR475 detects the samples with different mutations perfectly, therefore these mutations have no impact on the results conducted with Genekam kit. This kit has been used last year in many countries as the countries using Genekam kit have last year very low incidents of coronaviruses, but with the time, WHO/CDC/FDA/CE approved kits came on the market, after that the incidents have increased so strongly that many countries lost their grip on the spreading of this virus. These mutations are increasing with time; hence all kits being used in coronaviral pandemic outbreak must give an assurance that approved kits or methods from CDC and WHO detects coronaviruses (SARS Co-V, Wuhan strain) properly and mutations does not have any impact on their performance.

Genekam FR475 kit is not the only one, which is giving excellent results. In 2016, Genekam created double check for Zika viruses as there are many strains, which are not being detected through normal commercial kits of many manufacturers. In 2017, Genekam kit for Influenza virus H5N1 outperformed the other kits in UEA as it detects samples from Africa, which were infected with H5N1 against the other commercial kits, which were fail to detect such infected samples. The tests are conducted in a laboratory in Abu Dubi. These examples show as this is very important to have a deep knowledge of virology to develop an excellent kit. Many of companies developing kits for pandemic viruses do not have very deep knowledge of virology, but they get approve from FDA, WHO and EU, hence it is time to compare the performance of different kits available on the market, so that poor quality kits (many of them are coming from big biotech companies) are removed from the market, but authorities are not interested to do this, hence this must be discussed in the press. Genekam is requesting such action for last 6 years.

Major mutations N501Y, E484K, N417N/T along many dozens of other common mutations are matter of concern as N501Y occurs in receptor binding domain leading to increase in rate of binding between the receptors ACE2 and virus. It means rate of transmission will increase strongly. As these are mutations in spike and nucleoprotein regions, hence the immunity can decrease and recovered persons can reinfect, such mutations may lead to have negative effect on vaccination as well as therapies available now. Therefore, it is important that laboratories use PCR kits, which detect samples with mutations too to provide good results. It is possible with Genekam FR475. Genekam Biotechnology AG is a German company focusing on pandemic viruses for last 16 years as it has large number of tests for different pandemic outbreak causing viruses like Influenza, Zika, Ebola, dengue, coronaviruses and Rift valley virus. It is working on developing the therapeutic antibodies and small molecules to cure these viruses one day. It develops and manufactures its products in Germany

New information: FR475 ready to use PCR kit to detect Wuhan / wild strain and mutations of SARS CoV-2 in one step+++ FR475 ready to use PCR kit to detect SARS CoV-2 and its mutated versions in one step is only solution on the world, which can help to stop the pandemic outbreak very quickly as this kit is simple to use and it does not give hardly any false results, therefore one can isolate the positive cases, while the negative cases can work and move freely. The different mutations e.g., BA.4/5 and BA.2.7 along with other mutations do not affect the performance of this kit against the approved kits, which are made on the basis of N and E genes, where the mutations are also taking place and making impossible to give the correct results, moreover the multiplex kits for 3 targets are prone to give wrong results as this is well known fact in literature and in the laboratories. Therefore, approving such kits through FDA, WHO and CE are not contributing the stop the pandemic outbreak in wished way. In April, 2020 many countries around the world used FR 475, one can see that these countries had full check on the outbreak. The outbreak starts increasing as the poor-quality approved kits were brought on the market in 2020 through many including big biotech companies. Not only this, questionable vaccines are approved around the world, now many countries are preparing for 4th booster dose, which will be also little use for all of us except some persons as winter is approaching and the cases are going to increase. Very high number of vaccinated get reinfection, if they do not take precautions like mask wearing and distancing, which should likely to provide long term immunity, but chances are very high that some reinfected cases are likely to get complications of reinfections. If you really want to control the pandemic outbreak, one should use FR 475. Another advantage of this kit is that it is same version of the kit in Feb, 2020 and today. It means one can conduct research on the old samples, which were tested with other kits in the past. This research work may be given as master or doctorate work around the world. Many approved kits have been removed from the approval list of FDA and WHO as this shows that many companies are not able to make any good kit because of lack of deep knowledge of virology. Such companies developed their kits on basis of information of primers and probes provided WHO in 2020, which were not of good quality to develop good and reliable kits. It is impossible to do the gene sequencing and next generation sequencing of each sample. If any Govt wants to reduce the pandemic outbreak, the answer is FR475. They should take a few of this kit and compare the results and after that Govt can approve this kit for clinical use. If the world wants to waste another year and huge money, please carry on with so called approved kits. There is list of mutations (some are not shown as we are going to put full data on our website):
BA.2.7 NSP1 S135R NSP3 T24l G489S NSP4 L264F T327l L438F T492l NSP5 P132H NSP6 106-107del NSP12 P323L NSP13 R392C NSP14 142V NSP15 T112l S T19l L24S 25-27del G142D V213G S371F S373P S375F T376A D405N R408S K417N N440K S477N T478K E484A Q498R N501Y Y505H D614G H655Y N679K P681HN764K D796Y O954H N969K Orf3a T223l E T91 M A63T Orf6 D61L Orf8 S84L N P13L 31-33del R203K G204R NSP3 S403L P822S NSP6 F108L NSP8 N 118S NSP12 G671S S K147E W152R F157L l210V G257S G339H G446S N460K E T11A M Q19E
BA.4/5 NSP1 S135R NSP3 T24l G489S NSP4 L264F T327l L438F T492l NSP5 P132H NSP6 106-107del NSP12 P323L NSP13 R392C NSP14 142V NSP15 T112l S T19l L24S 25-27del G142D V213G S371F S373P S375F T376A D405N R408S K417N N440K S477N T478K E484A Q498R N501Y Y505H D614G H655Y N679K P681HN764K D796Y O954H N969K Orf3a T223l E T91 M A63T Orf6 D61L Orf8 S84L N P13L 31-33del R203K G204R NSP1 141-143del NSP6 108del S 69-70del G339D L452R G486V Q493R M D3N N P151S




11288-11296 deletionSGF 3675-3677 deletion
spike21765-21770 deletionHV 69-70 deletion

21991-21993 deletionY144 deletion








N28280 GAT->CTAD3L