About Genekam

Genekam Biotechnology AG was found in 1999. It started offering DNA-Tests in 2001. From 2004, it started development of PCR kits while exporting to 5 countries, today (2015) it exports to 70 countries in the world. Genekam covers different targets like Influenza viruses, Middle east Respiratory Syndrome Virus, Flaviviruses like HCV, Dengueviruses etc., Herpes viruses, Mycobacterium, Tick borne pathogens, Chlamydia, Mycoplasma, Cancer, food pathogens like Salmonella, food adulteration etc. From 2009, it starts doing research in field of stem cell as well as flow cytometry applications. Not only this, it has developed very simple way of isolation of mononuclear cell cells from blood, which generates much great number of cells against density gradient method along with developing for basic technology of Nanomedicine, which is transferred to another company called MICROBOSS Nanomedicine GmbH. Now it is developing a number of 3D-stem cell applications as well as immunotherapies particularly body own immune proteins. Genekam is trying to develop the methods to develop therapies for pandemic viruses like Influenza, Dengue, Ebola etc. Genekam is venturing to develop advanced therapeutic solutions. It develops and manufactures its products in its own laboratory in Germany. Genekam covers all three field of medicine: Detection, prevention and therapy while focusing on the Virology, Stem cells and Immunology.