Genekam Exosome Solution

Genekam Exosome Solution

Genekam has developed human exosome isolation kit from different sources like cell cultures, serum, plasma, saliva, tumor samples etc. Exosomes are extra cellular message transmission vehicles, which carry information between the different cells and it seems that they play an important role during the physiological and pathological processes. Isolation of exosomes can be achieved with different methods e.g. ultracentrifugation, density gradient method, filtration, chromatography, magnetic beads etc. Magnetic beads are one of simplest, less expensive and easiest method to do their isolation. Exosomes have different markers, which are being used to isolate them. After the isolation, one can detect them with different methods like microscopic, immunological assays as well as molecular methods. Genekam biotechnology AG has different methods for isolation for them along with their detection methods. Isolation methods are based on magnetic beads.


Name of ready to use PCR Kit




Exosome magnetic beads Isolation kit (Universal)


220,- €


Exosome magnetic beads Isolation kit (based on one marker)


199,- €


Exosome detection ELISA kit


150,- €

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