SARS Hunter Therapy option*

Human polyclonal antibodies are being used as therapy for last century successfully and they are produced at industrial scale from different companies around the world. These pooled sera of many thousands of donors are being used to develop these polyclonal therapies, which are in a position to reduce many different infections as they are supposed to create immunological molecules of B-cells response against different pathogens and other relevant targets. Genekam has developed hardware option to isolate these antibodies at hospital level for pandemic viruses. SARS Hunter is in position to isolate the polyclonal specific antibodies from full recovered patients from coronaviruses as the recovery of these patient is occurring because the immune system launches its successful response leading to neutralization of coronaviruses, hence neutralizing antibodies. The therapies developed through SARS hunter can offer treatment options for mutated viruses. We are working how to put this product in clinical trials so that this technology becomes one of important options to offer therapeutic options immediately after the pandemic outbreaks. Genekam is going to develop such type of solutions for other viruses.

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SARS-Hunter (Plasma therapy accelerator)


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