SARS (MERS) viruses detection kits

SARS (MERS) viruses detection kits

SARS (MERS) viruses detection kits

Genekam has developed a number of ready to use PCR kits to detect different kinds of corona viruses including SARS virus. The outbreaks of the Middle East SARS virus in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt etc need an urgent attention to find out the mode of transmission, source of transmission and other scientific issues. It is well known fact that bats are natural carriers of corona viruses particularly SARS virus caused fatal disease in many countries around the world in human beings. Not only this, one should test avian species and other wild life also for the presence of SARS viruses, therefore first method of the choice is to seek the answer whether a particularly organism carries at all a corona viruses. If it is positive and the next question will be which corona virus it carries. Such question regarding the kind of virus can be answered through ready to use PCR kits of Genekam Biotechnology AG.

The variations between the different strains of corona viruses are so strong and wide spread that one needs more than one solution to detect all these viruses circulating in the nature. Therefore Genekam has developed different solutions and now this technology is available to all laboratories, where they have PCR set up to conduct such assays and answer the questions related to SARS viruses. Conventional PCR setup can be made with an investment of 25000€. If the local laboratories can answer the above said questions, it will speed up the monitoring and prevention processes of SARS virus. Genekam Biotechnology AG has a number of ready of kits to answer these questions, which are as follows:

A. Ready to use conventional PCR kits (gel agarose): These kits contain all components to conduct the PCR test except RNA isolation kit. The RNA Isolation kit can be used from us or other source. The results can be seen as band in gel agarose.

1. Fluhunter-Corona (Universal kit) with 5 or 25 genesequencings: This kit is in position to let you know whether the sample has any kind of corona viruses including human SARS viruses. This is solution particularly good to detect the unknown corona viruses (including SARS) in unknown sample. Once you have a band, you should do genesequencing to know the exact strain of corona virus. This kit detects corona viruses of mammals and avian origin like human, bat, cows, cats, dogs, poultry, wild life etc. This kit can be used on camels also. To conduct the genesequencing, one can send Genekam PCR product for genesequencing. With help of genesequence, one can detect the exact type of corona virus in sample.

  • 1.1 Fluhunter-Corona (Universal Kit) with 5 genesequencings 100 reactions 499,-€
  • 1.2 Fluhunter-Corona (Universal Kit) with 25 genesequencing 100 reactions 799,-€

2. Fluhunter-Corona Plus (Universal kit) with 5 genesequencing: This kit contains solutions for detection of corona virus (including human SARS virus) as mentioned in point 1 and Middle East Sars virus along with genesequencings. We have added the solution that you can do genesequencing in anywhere in world. If you have your own genesquencer, you can do it in your own laboratory.

  • 2.1 Fluhunter-Corona Plus (Universal kit) with 5 genesequencings 100 reactions 599,-€
  • 2.2 Fluhunter-Corona Plus (Universal kit) with 50 genesequencings 100 reactions 799,-€

3. Fluhunter-Corona Extra (Universal Kit): This is another solution for detecting unknown corona-viruses (including Human SARS Virus) and middle east human SARS virus in samples. This kit comes too with genesequencing. It is highly recommended to use two different kits for detecting the corona viruses as it increases the chances to detect unknown corona viruses circulating in the particular area.

  • 3.1 Fluhunter-Corona Extra (Unviersal kit) + 20 genesequencing solution 100 reactions 799,-€

4. Fluhunter-ME-SARS-Single Check: To detect middle east SARS virus with single check.

  • 4.1 Ready to use PCR kit to detect the middle east human SARS virus (Single) 100 reactions 399,-€

5. Fluhunter-ME-SARS-Double Check: To detect middle east SARS virus in samples with double check as it will make the assays more sensitive and results can be more reliable. The results can be seen as band in gel. Further the results can be reconfirmed with genesequencing. This is way the reference laboratories work.

  • 5.1 Ready to use PCR kit to detect the middle east human SARS virus (Double) 100 reaction 599,-€

6. Human internal control: To confirm whether you have isolated human RNA or not, you can run the internal controls:

  • 6.1 Internal Control for human samples 100 reactions 499,-€

7. Mammal Internal Control: To confirm whether you have isolated RNA from the samples of mammals like bats, cow, camel, cat etc, one can run the internal control.

  • 7.1 Internal Control for mammal samples 100 reactions 599,-€

B. Realtime Ready to use PCR kits: here are a number of ready to use PCR kits for realtime machines. Pl. note that our kits function with most of machines provided the user has the experience with software. Most of the time, it is user, who lacks software-experience to conduct the assays on a particular machine. The results can be seen as ct values or copies through Genekam software:

  • 1.1. Fluhunter-ME-SARS-REAL (Single Check) : Middle East SARS-Virus detection 100 reactions 499,-€
  • 1.2 Fluhunter-ME-SARS-REAL (Double Check) : Middle East SARS-Virus detection 100 reactions 599,-€
  • 1.3 Internal Control for Human samples FR779 100 reactions 499,-€
  • 1.4 Internal control for Mammal samples 100 reactions 599,-€
  • 1.5 Fluhunter-OC43-SARS-Real 100 reactions 399,-€
  • 1.6 Fluhunter-229E-SARS-Real 100 reactions 499,-€
  • 1.7 Fluhunter-NL63-SARS-Real 100 reactions 499,-€
  • 1.8 Fluhunter-HKU1-SARS-Real 100 reactions 499,-€

NEW Ready to use Realtime-PCR-Kits

  • 1.9 Fluhunter: MERS and Influenza A virus (FR 206)
  • 2.0 Fluhunter: MERS, Influenza A virus + Respiratory synctial virus (FR207)
  • 2.1 Fluhunter: MERS double check (FR208)

Middle East SARS-Virus is the strain which has outbroken in different Middle East countries recently One of biggest application for our kits is that one can do fastnresearch work e.g. one can write Master or Ph.D. It is not only thesis, but one can do the other research work as well as monitoring together. Genekam kits are answer for many Govt around the world to take such kits and go for work rather wasting time and resources to develop an assay. To prevent a disease, the time is one of the key factor. Therefore one can use Genekam ready to use PCR kits to accelerate this process.